Triggevent, an FFXIV Addon

Triggevent is a comprehensive addon for FFXIV that provides cooldown and multi-target DoT tracking, easy triggers, a titan jail plugin, and more.

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Triggevent is an addon for FFXIV.

After using other tools for triggers and overlays for years, I realized that it was time for some major improvements over the status quo. All this time and we’re still making triggers with log lines and regular expressions? Let’s step back a bit and completely rethink things.

Download Here

(You want the larger file, unless you know you have Java 17+ already installed)

Current Trigger Status

New: PostNamazu provides a third option for automarkers! All existing automarks work with it!

Code documentation (auto-generated) is now available here (replace master in the URL with the branch you are using).

How to Download/Install

READ THIS: See Installation

Short version: Install OverlayPlugin in your ACT, then start OverlayPlugin WSServer from within ACT.

There is more documentation on the Wiki.


Triggevent is an addon for FFXIV. It offers triggers, overlays, log analysis, and more. It goes above and beyond both in function and form.

Even if you don’t wish to use it as a gameplay addon, it still offers log analysis and replay functions. Even if you’re making overlays or triggers for a different tool, it still offers quite a bit in that regard.

Multi-Target DoT Tracker

One of the built-in overlays is a multi-target DoT tracker. If you care about micro-optimizations, it can even display tick timing right on the bar.


Cooldown Tracker

CD Tracker

Shows remaining cooldown as well as active time. There is a separate overlay for personal cooldowns as well as party cooldowns.

Jail Plugin

Triggevent has a reliable and powerful Titan Jail plugin. You choose a priority by dragging and dropping jobs - no typing names or sharing xml files. It supports personal callouts, as well as automarks, and the automarks can use either macros or Telesto.

Jail Plugin

There is more information about the Gaol plugin here.


Triggers can be written in the codebase (like Cactbot), giving you all the benefits of a fully featured IDE and debugger. Or, for simple triggers, they can be made in the UI.

Whichever option you take, you don’t need to know about log lines nor regular expressions.

For example, consider this small bit of code here:


Rather than trying to read an obtuse regular expression, the conditions are human readable. This trigger will fire when we see buff 0xACA, but only when it is directed at the player, and is not a buff refresh/stack count change. Furthermore, it changes the callout based on the stack count.

What does the “ModifiableCallout” bit do? It lets the user easily modify the callout, similar to Cactbot!


For simple calls, you can also make easy triggers using easily readable conditions - no regular expressions required! Plus, since everything is parsed for you, you don’t need to worry about log line changes or patches breaking your trigger.

Easy Triggers New

In some cases, you can right click an event, click “Make Easy Trigger”, and it will make one for you:


In addition, any trigger caused by an event with a duration (buffs, castbars) can display a countdown until the event takes place, in the on-screen callout overlay:


On top of all that, it can even display buff/ability icons in the callout, pulled automatically from game data files!

Buff Icon Automatically Added to Callout

The end user can further customize the callouts, as they support Groovy expressions. By using conditionals in these, you can even attack additional conditions, or even completely change the way the callout works:


Timeline Customization

Triggevent can use Cactbot timelines, but adds customization options.

Timeline Customization

Via this UI, you can disable built-in entries, add new entries, or modify existing entries. You can also add icons, and turn any timeline entry into a trigger.

Log Analysis

Easily access information about events, combatants, and more.


This can be used as a combat log since the one in-game is a bit lacking.

Makes it easier to create triggers and overlays. Even if you’re developing triggers for a different plugin like Cactbot or Triggernometry, this is useful.

Map Panel

The map panel shows you a view of all combatants and what they’re casting.

Replay Support

Triggevent can load data from various sources. In addition to live data from OverlayPlugin WebSocket (plus other live sources like Telesto), it can also load from an ACT log or FFLogs (with reduced functionality). Also, if you run it live, you have the option to record all the data into its own save format. This save format captures all the WS data, so it provides more accurate combatants data.

To open a replay, simply run triggevent-import.exe (instead of the normal triggevent.exe), and then choose a file or FFLogs URL. Note that in order to use FFLogs reports, you’ll need to have your own API key.


Future Development

I put most of my upcoming/desired features on the project board.

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