Triggevent, an FFXIV Addon

Triggevent is a comprehensive addon for FFXIV that provides cooldown and multi-target DoT tracking, easy triggers, a titan jail plugin, and more.

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Migrating from Triggernometry to more modern FFXIV Addons

Whether you’d rather not have to learn about regex and log lines, or you’d just prefer an easier and ready-made solution, it is easy to get the same functionality in an easier-to-use form from other addons. This guide will show you what other addons will get the job done with less effort.

This depends on your specific use cases.

DoT Tracking

Triggevent has a very feature-rich DoT tracker. It is tailor-made for FFXIV game mechanics, including support for multiple targets, showing ticks, showing application delay, and more. You can read about it on the DoT Tracker page.

There are other options as well. There are Dalamud plugins that can display debuffs directly on the enemy list. If you don’t need multi-target support, there are even more options, including Cactbot Jobs, and a Dalamud addon that displays the remaining duration directly on your hotbar.

Cooldown Tracking

Triggevent also has a very solid CD tracker, for both personal and party cooldowns. It shows the time remaining until off CD, and the remaining active time when it has been used. You can read more on the CD Tracker page.

Other options I recommend include JobBars, and Cactbot Jobs once again.

Pre-Made Duty Triggers

Triggevent has excellent triggers for newer duties (mostly Endwalker and beyond), as well as a few select fights from older expansions.

If you need triggers for older FFXIV content, such as Shadowbringers or Stormblood content, Cactbot is the most complete, and comes in a nice, ready-to-use package - you don’t have to go find repositories or exports or triggers. Both options allow you to customize the triggers heavily without missing out on updates. They also allow for whatever combination of on-screen text, TTS, and sound effects you desire.

Making Your Own Triggers

Triggevent is unlike other addons in that it actually interprets log lines and other events for you. The “Easy Triggers” is a point-and-click way of making triggers from scratch, with no knowledge of log lines or regex required.

It does not have quite as much functionality as Triggernometry in this area, but the functionality that is there is significantly easier to use. Here is what is currently available:

In addition, the ability to create timeline triggers - something which until now would require writing your own Cactbot triggers - is exposed in a nice graphical timeline editor. You can check it out more on the Timeline Customization page.

Lastly, if you do want to go for the most advanced triggers, and you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty with some code, you can code your own module.