Triggevent, an FFXIV Addon

Triggevent is a comprehensive addon for FFXIV that provides cooldown and multi-target DoT tracking, easy triggers, a titan jail plugin, and more.

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Personal and Party CD Trackers

The “Cooldown Tracker” and “Party Cooldown Tracker” work identically, except that the Cooldown Tracker is only for your own cooldowns. They can be configured separately.

Cooldown Tracker Configuration

Cooldown Tracker Overlay


Each cooldown has three columns:


As above, check the boxes for the cooldowns you’d like to receive calls for. You will also need to enable the “Enable TTS” checkbox at the top. The “Time before expiry” field controls how soon you’d like the calls (e.g. ‘5000’ will result in the cooldown being called out when it is 5 seconds away from being ready).

Overlay (Cooldown Timers)

“Enable Overlay” enables/disables the overlay. You should also check out the “Overlays” tab to change the locations, size, and transparency of your overlays.

“Max in Overlay” controls the maximum number of Cooldowns to show in the overlay.

Cooldowns will show up in the overlay as follows:

Note that the overlay does some magic so that “buff active” doesn’t necessarily require a real buff, nor a buff with the correct duration. This allows it to work for things like Living Shadow that don’t place a buff. It also lets it act as a Bard song tracker.

Adding Custom Cooldowns

You now have the ability to add your own cooldowns in Plugin Settings > Custom Cooldowns. Any cooldowns added here will appear in the UI for the personal and party cooldown tracker. This provides extensibility and flexibility similar to Hojoring Special Spell Timers (SpeSpe) without the setup hassle.

First, you need to choose the ability to use as the cooldown. There are two ways to do this. For our example, let’s use Divine Benison.

The first way is to click the “New Cooldown” button. This will present you with a list of all known abilities, along with a search box at the top. You can search by name (e.g. “Divine Benison”) or by ID (“7432” or “0x1D08”). However, there is alsoi a “Use Ability In-Game” button at the top. If you click this button, and then use the ability in-game, it will be selected for you:

Cooldown Ability Picker

Click “Select” to finish.

Alternatively, if you have already used the ability, locate it on the Events tab, right click it, and select “Add as Custom Cooldown”:

Custom CD from Events Tab

For most cooldowns, this is all you need to do. Cooldown, charges, duration, and buffs all come from game data and/or log lines, so you don’t need to manually enter anything else in the majority of situations. However, in this case, we need to tell Triggevent that Divine Benison actually has two charges (since the second charge comes from a trait, and TE only knows about the base versions):

Divine Benison needs to have two charges

You can then configure it like any other cooldown, and have it display in overlays and/or perform TTS:

Divine Benison displayed on the overlay

If a custom cooldown and a built-in cooldown have the same ability IDs, the custom cooldown definition takes priority.


What about the rest of the fields?

Specific Notes for Potions/Items

Items cannot be added from the custom cooldown list. However, you can add them using the events tab. The ability name will be “item_xyz” where xyz is a unique ID for that item.

Since these currently are not pulled from the game files, you will need to manually enter a name and a cooldown.

Note that every potion has a different ID, even different grades of the same type of tincture.

For Devs

Built-in cooldowns are defined in xivdata/src/main/java/gg/xp/xivdata/data/

Going forward, it is recommended to use the builder. It will attempt to fill in information automatically from game data files and log lines. You as the developer only need to fill in the parts that would be wrong according to those sources. For example, if a trait lowers the cooldown or adds charges, you’ll need to provide the max-level data.

At some point, it will be updated so that you don’t even need the buff ID.

Here are some examples with explanations:

// Simple cooldown, using the non-builder style. 
// Everything is automatic. You just specify the buff ID, the type, and whether or not 
// you want it to be in the personal CD overlay.
Holmgang(true,  CooldownType.INVULN, 0x2b),
// Simple cooldown, builder style
Oblation(builder(CooldownType.PARTY_MIT, false, 0x649A)),
// Overriding charge count - since the extra charge is granted by a trait, and the game files
// only list the values for the base skill, you need to provide this.
Plunge(builder(CooldownType.PERSONAL_BURST, true, 0xE38).maxCharges(2)),
// Multiple Ability IDs
AbyssalDrain(builder(CooldownType.PERSONAL_BURST, true, 0xE39, 0xE3B)),
// Overriding buff IDs. Since the 21/22-line doesn't convey the buff info correctly due to these
// being pet abilities, you need to specify the buff IDs manually
FeyIllumination(builder(CooldownType.PARTY_MIT, true, 0x409A).buffIds(0x13d, 0x753)),
// Cooldown changed by trait
DeploymentTactics(builder(CooldownType.PARTY_MIT, false, 0xE01).cooldown(90)),

// Overriding display name, since the default of "Phlegma/Phlegma II/Phlegma III" would be
// redundant.
Phlegma(builder(CooldownType.PERSONAL_BURST, true, 24313, 24307, 24289).name("Phlegma")),

// 'noAutoBuffs' disables the buff tracking aspect, since the 'Draw' buff isn't something 
// where we would care about the duration
Draw(builder(CooldownType.PARTY_BUFF, true, 0xE06).maxCharges(2).noAutoBuffs()),

// The second buff is not placed by the 21/22-line, so we need to specify buff IDs manually'
Horoscope(builder(CooldownType.HEAL,  false, 0x40AD).buffIds(0x762, 0x763)),

// Bard songs have a lot of jank, so we need to specify the buff ID and the duration
MagesBallad(builder(CooldownType.PARTY_BUFF, true, 0x72).buffIds(0x8a9).duration(45.0)),
ArmysPaeon(builder(CooldownType.PARTY_BUFF, true, 0x74).buffIds(0x8aa).duration(45.0)),
WanderersMinuet(builder(CooldownType.PARTY_BUFF, true, 0xde7).buffIds(0x8a8).duration(45.0)),

// Even if there is no buff at all, we can fake it using a duration (Living Shadow only
// shows duration on the job gauge, not a real buff).
LivingShadow(builder(CooldownType.PERSONAL_BURST, true, 0x4058).noAutoBuffs().duration(24)),