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Triggevent is a comprehensive addon for FFXIV that provides cooldown and multi-target DoT tracking, easy triggers, a titan jail plugin, and more.

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About Damage Downs, Damage Buffs, Vulns

When you use an ability that applies a buff, some extra information is available in the ACT log line. This information is sometimes visible to the user (such as the stack count), but other information is often sent in the packet. For damage buffs, mitigations, vulns, and such, the reduction/increase is part of this data.

The Easy Way

Load the log in Triggevent and play until the damage down happens.

If you know the name of the ability that applied the damage down, simple search for that ability in the ‘Ability/Buff’ field:

Example of Damage Down

Hover over the ‘Effects’ icons, and look for the line that talks about the damage down. Read the ‘params’. In this case, we have 0, 0, and -38. The zeroes can be ignored, and -38 means that this is a 38% damage down.

If you know the ability ID rather than the name, search for the hex ID by entering it in ‘0x1234’ format in the same field.

If you have no idea what ability applied the DD, first search for ‘Event Class: BuffApplied’ and ‘Ability/Buff: Damage Down’. This will give you the ID. In this case, it is 0xB5F:

Finding DD ID

Now, clear all your filters, click ‘Show/Hide Freeform’, uncheck the ‘Strict’ checkbox all the way on the right, and enter a search query like this (replace B5F with the ID you found):

event.effects.any{effect -> effect instanceof && == 0xB5F}

Then, read the values as usual:

Another Damage Down Example

In this case, we see ‘0 0 -50’, so it is a 50% damage down.

Other Types of Buffs

This same trick works with:

Mitigations and Vulns

Feint Example

Here, we see that Feint has -5 and -10, which correspond to its 5% magic and 10% physical reductions.

A positive value typically indicates an increase in damage dealt, or an increase in damage taken, while a negative value indicates a reduction in damage taken or dealt. This is not always the case - for example, Mug applies a +5 status to the target (+5% damage taken), but Chain Strategem applies a -10 status to the target (+10% crits taken).

Damage Buffs

A good example is AST cards. Since they can be 3% or 6% depending on target, you can check what the actual percentage was in the log:

AST Card Example

In this case, it is only 3% because a ranged card was played on a melee.

Healing Up

Fey Illumination Example

Here we see the 5% mitigation and 10% healing up from Fey Illumination.

The Hard Way

You can do this with a raw log file, but it is more difficult.

You’ll need to find the 21/22-line corresponding to the ability. In this case, Addle:

21|2022-09-05T00:00:02.3140000+08:00|10327D18|Name Removed|1D88|Addle|40014BD9|Hephaistos|F6FB0E|4B30000|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|26209597|33218076|10000|10000|||100.00|77.00|0.00|0.00|63681|63681|0|10000|||102.59|98.95|0.00|-3.02|0000A230|0|1|a5bf435d0da63215

The 16 fields after the target name are eight pairs of effect flags and values. We’re looking for one with either 0E (status applied to target) or 0F (status applied to caster). In this case, we see F6FB0E as the flags, and 4B30000 as the value. 4B3 is the status effect ID for addle, so this is the one we want to look at (this is a simpler example, but some abilities may apply 2 or 3 statuses and you’ll need to figure out which is which).

Next, we break down the three leftmost bytes in the flags value into 8-bit signed integers (note that ACT will not write out leading zeroes for this field, so F6FB0E is really 00F6FB0E. In this case, 00, F6, and FB. Converting to base 10, we get 0, -10, -5, which correspond to the 10% magic reduction and 5% physical reduction on Addle.

An example of a line with multiple buff applications might look like this:

22|2022-09-04T23:23:08.9310000+08:00|102B4E61|Name Removed|64B9|Radiant Finale|102B4E61|Name Removed|20E|B940000|F|AA28000|1B|64B98000|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|67593|67593|10000|10000|||92.30|100.42|0.00|1.67|67593|67593|10000|10000|||92.30|100.42|0.00|1.67|000075A0|0|8|dfdeb000d8342d05

Here, we have B94 applied to the target, and AA2 applied to the caster (in this case, the caster and target are the same, so it makes no difference). The corresponding flags are 000002 and 000000 - so we know that the first buff is applying a 2% damage bonus.

Further Reading

AkhMorning has a page with more information, as well as methods for finding the percentages for buffs which are not applied by an ability.